We’ve Upgraded our Membership System!

We've move to a new integrated membership system. It's all here on our site. 

To join or renew all you need is an account to be connected. 

We have been working on modernizing our membership system so that it is more convenient for you. No more missed notices. 

See below for some FAQs to help answer your questions and below that we explain some highlights of the new site. 

NOTE: You will not be able to log in to your Membership Account or Members Only content with your old username and password. 

You will get an email with your username which is your NCBBA # and your initial password. Once you get it just go to our site and click in member log in.  

Our new system will send you emails when you are up for renewal or if you forget to renew your membership.

You will get one of these emails if you are within 30 days of your expiration date or 60, 90 or 120 days late paying your dues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew my membership?

Go to ncbba.org and click on Membership Renew / Reinstate. Then click on Renew.

Can I renew before my annual membership expires?

Yes, you can renew up to 364 days before your membership expires.

Why don't I see Renew as an option in my membership account?

If you have more than 364 days left on your membership subscription the system will not show that option.

Can I renew for two years?

Automatic renewal has replaced the two-year option.

Why should I use auto renewal?

The current semi manual process is very labor intensive, and we often hear from our members that they didn't get the reminder email or postcard or just forgot to renew. Others move and forget to provide us with the new address, so we lose touch. We believe this will benefit our members and save time and money for the organization.

How do I set up automatic renewal?

After you select Renew, you will go to the account page to enter your information and there you will see the option to set it up.

How do I cancel automatic renewal?

Log in to your account and select Cancel Automatic Payment. This will not cancel your membership. It only cancels the auto renewal so you will have to log in annually to renew your membership after you cancel automatic renewal.

Will my old username and password work in the new system?

No, although your username will still be your NCBBA#, you will have a new initial/temporary password. We encourage you to click on change password to change to a password of your choosing. This is a security enhancement.

I never got an email with my user name and I forgot my NCBBA#. What should I do?

Your best bet is the call or email Carol Mowers. She will look up your NCBBA# and will help you get set up. 

What are the password requirements?

When you change your password, the system will require it to be at least 12-digits to include uppercase and lowercase letters plus a number and symbol.

Why does the screen say Billing $35.00 for NEW membership and for RENEWALS $25.00 per year?

The same screen is displayed for both new and renewal memberships. You will only be charged $25.00 since you are not a new member.

How do I log in to my child's junior account?

When we loaded the data from the old site, we put placeholder data in the email field because the system will not accept duplicate emails.
If you'd like to set up your junior account to a valid email that will get the renewal notices call Carol Mowers 252-473-1886 and she will update the account for you and generate a password for that email.
If you are ok with just getting the postcards when it is time to renew you won't need to log in or change anything.

How do I renew a junior membership if I can't log in?

You have a few options.
1. You can send a check to PO Box 149 Nags Head, NC 27948
2. You can call Carol Mowers and she can take the credit card information over the phone to renew the junior membership.

I would like to buy a new Junior Membership. How do I do that?

You can use the JOIN US button on our site. Just be sure the email is not the same as your email.

I need a replacement tag. How do I purchase that?

The replacement tags can still be purchased on our online store.

When will I get an email that my membership is up for renewal?

The system will generate an email 30 days before your membership expires. You can click on the link or log in to renew.

I recently renewed my membership, but I still got an email saying I needed to renew. Why is that?

This is most likely a timing issue. Since we were in transition to the new system, we had to stop updating the old system so it will take a few days for the recent renewals to be entered.
If you have a question first log in to your account. If you know you paid online within the last few weeks give it a few more days, then check again. If you still have questions, contact Carol Mowers.


What's New?

Membership - As we have communicated, we have a new more modern membership system that will make it much easier for you as well as our Membership Director to manage your account.

The biggest change for you is you will no longer go to our store to renew your membership. You will click on Membership Renew / Reinstate or Member Log In - Membership Account to see when your membership is up or to get to our Member Only content.

And as mentioned above the system will send reminder emails when your annual membership is due or late and you will conveniently be able to click the links to renew.

 Revamped Pages - You will notice a more modern look and feel with more pictures and links and even some QR codes. It will be easier for us to update content so that our site will be your "Go To" place for NCBBA news.

Calendar - We still show the next few events on the home page, but now when you click View Calendar, it will show you a view of all events. You can change your view from monthly to list or search for events such as our very popular Adopt-a-Beach program.

When you open an event, you will see more information including maps. And you can subscribe to the calendar, so the events appear on your PC or smart phone.

Photo Contest - When you upload your photos, you will get a confirmation email and the photos will go into a queue for the photo contest director to review. Once approved they will appear on our site pretty quickly so you will no longer have to wonder if we got the pictures or wait long to see them posted.

Citations - Another improvement is to our citation program. Now you will be able to upload a picture of your state citation if your fish qualifies, and of your other catch or release fish directly to our site. You will immediately get a confirmation email and your entry will go directly to Richard Collins for review. Once he approves it he will send you your citation. This is a huge improvement over the current process where there is a delay due to the need to mail the documents. We look forward to sharing those pictures of your amazing catch or release citation fish.

Newsletters - It is now easier for you to see all the old NCBBA newsletters organized by year.

Gallery - This is still a work in progress…We are reorganizing our gallery and importing more pictures and videos.

Latest News - We are happy that with the newer technology this section will also be easier to update. In fact, you will see links to some of latest Facebook posts here, making it easier to find news we post on Facebook.

That's it in a nutshell. We realize change is always hard and we appreciate your patience. We'd love to hear your feedback and any ideas of what you'd like to see.

Thank you!