NCBBA Code of Ethics

The North Carolina Beach Buggy Association is a non-profit organization established in 1964, dedicated to the preservation of and vehicular access to the natural beach resources of the Outer Banks through conservation, a code of ethics for beach behavior and support of local, state, federal officials and other organizations dedicated to these same goals.

  • To enter and leave the beaches only at approved and designated places determined by local, state or federal ordinances.
  • To discourage speeding and reckless driving on the beaches.
  • To respect local, state and federal ordinances and the rights of property owners.
  • To advise NCBBA members who are experiencing problems driving on the beaches.
  • To respect persons bathing and picnicking by avoiding them whenever possible and by slowing down to a minimal speed when passing such groups.
  • To avoid littering the beach with trash by depositing it in trash containers wherever available or by bagging and removing it from the beach.
  • To avoid littering the beach with dead bait, carcasses, or other dead fish of any kind.
  • To avoid overcrowding any one area and displacing anglers from their previously chosen spot.
  • To leave room for other vehicles to pass safely when parked.
  • To refill holes and remove boards or other aids after being stuck, leaving the beach passable for others.
  • To observe common courtesy on the beach and observing the rules of the road when meeting or passing other vehicles in constricted areas.
  • To remember, at all times, that the unspoiled beaches of all seashore areas afford pleasure to everyone, and it is incumbent upon us to preserve this natural heritage.