Vice President – Jay Dimig #12254

Vice President: Resources and Conservation / Red Drum Committee 

I am a retired businessman from the Baltimore / Washington metropolitan area. I moved to Hatteras Island in September 2019.  I have had a presence on the island for 30 years as a vacationer and 20 years as a vacation rental owner.  These days most of my time is spent as a humble public servant to members of my community through my work with the Hatteras Island United Methodist Men and service to you, our members, as an appointed NCBBA board member

As a former small business owner, I bring to the organization a penchant for solving problems.  Solving problems requires planning, preparation, hard work and tenacity. I hope to continue using this philosophy to advance our organizational objectives and goals.

I frequently have had the good fortune of being able to participate in our Operation Beach Respect.  My job is to greet drivers who are about to drive onto the beach, offer a packet of literature and in a few sentences tell the NCBBA story with the emphasis on preserving vehicular beach access. I am always astonished at the number of beach drivers who are oblivious to the fact that there are large well-funded organizations, i.e., Audubon, Defenders of Wildlife, who would, if they had their way, prevent us from driving on the beach at all.

I promise to work on the accomplishment of all our goals and objectives, but I will be especially passionate about telling our story and keeping or right to beach access intact.