Scholarship Chairwoman, Secretary Pam Smith

NCBBA is committed to higher education and has two scholarship programs: one in support of Dare (First Flight HS, Manteo HS, and Cape Hatteras HS)and Hyde County (Ocracoke) High Schools and one in support of our Members/Members Children. Both scholarship programs are renewable for four years and totals $2,000 per student.

In 2009 the Board of Directors approved a Member/Members Children scholarship. The scholarship can be used by members for retraining or other higher education for trades or academics. The members children aspect is to provide higher education.

Since the inception of this program, NCBBA is proud to have contributed in excess of $60,000 to Dare and Hyde County High School students for continuing education.

Member/Member’s Children Scholarship Application

Adults Applicants: Submit an Employment type resume which includes community activities, educational and employment history (5 years), a 100-300 word essay describing: statement of need, awards, special honors, and other significant personal accomplishments pertinent to this application. Activities in support of NCBBA.

High School Seniors: Submit: Your GPA and class rank on an Employment type resume which includes school and community activities, awards and special honors. Also a 100- 300 word essay describing your: statement of need, and other significant personal accomplishments pertinent to this application. Letters of recommendation from your school Guidance Counselor and employer if applicable, with your name in the subject line will be considered.

1)   Adults must have 3 or more years of NCBBA membership in good standing to apply  or refer their child (as defined by the IRS) for the scholarship.     

2)   Graduate level students are not eligible for this scholarship.

3)   Proof of acceptance to an accredited institution of higher education must be provided upon notification of the award.

4)   Awards are for the current school year and are renewable for 4 years. The scholarship is $500 per academic year and will be paid to the higher education institution in the student’s name.

5)   Preference is given to applicants pursuing careers in fields that support Conservation and Natural Resources OR for Adults: Retraining.

6)   Preference for the award is based on (1) Financial need, (2) Current HS student’s scholastic standing, (2.7 GPA or higher), (3) Essay

7)   Final decision on scholarship winners are made by the NCBBA Scholarship Committee based on the criteria above.

  1. Applications must be received by April 15, annually.
  2. Renewal/Payment cutoff is December 31 annually.
  3. Only the award winner will be notified prior to the NCBBA Annual Meeting.
  4. Award will be announced and presented at the NCBBA Annual Meeting. Winners  are expected to attend the Annual Meeting to receive their Scholarship award.

12) Dare County, NC High School students are not eligible. (See your guidance counselor for Dare County NCBBA scholarship information.)

OR mail to
NCBBA Member Scholarship
P.O. Box 1407
Buxton, NC 27920


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