2020 RDT Rules

2020 Red Drum Tournament Rules
1. Official entry form (Anglers Species Report) must be presented when submitting a fish to a tournament official.
2. Fish must be measured & verified by on-duty Tournament Official (JUDGE) to qualify for entry.
3. All fish caught must be registered during the six hour shift the fish was caught; Example: 12:01am to 6am // 6:01am to 12 noon // 12:01pm to 6pm // 6:01pm to 12 midnight.
4. Angler must be registered when the fish is caught. No fish will be entered after Saturday 12:00 Noon. Exception: If fish is hooked prior to 12:00 Noon the Angler may land the fish provided judge was called before 12:00 P.M.
5. The Co-Chairman, Head Judge or NCBBA Board of Directors may cancel the complete tournament or any portion of the tournament if circumstances such as bad weather arise. If the complete tournament is cancelled before it begins, a total refund of entry fee will be made. Once the tournament begins, no refunds will be made.
6. The Chairman, Co-Chairman, Head Judge or Assistant Head Judge reserves the right to disqualify any fish of suspicious nature that is entered.
7. All Anglers will display their fishing gear for examination to any Tournament Official on request. Anglers are limited to THREE (3) rods (NEW THIS YEAR) per licensed fishing person that you may actively fish. Do not use unattended rods to take up beach area as you will be disqualified from the tournament without refund of any money.
8. Please keep the beaches clean and not leave fish or bait carcasses on the beach.
9. Judge cellular phone numbers, provided at tournament are to be used for RDT tournament communications and emergencies only.
10. No nets or gaff may be used by Anglers. No use of boats or other flotation devices may be used for placing baits. No assistance allowed in casting or landing of fish. This is a catch and release tournament except Bluefish and Mullets.
11. Anglers will need an area working cellular phone. If a judge does not answer, please call roaming judge or closest ramp judge in your vicinity.
12. Surf fishing only, feet must be on the sand. No sound-side fishing. Anglers must only fish in designated beach driving areas. The judge must be able to drive to you in order to score the fish.
13. All fish measurements, Bluefish, Sea Mullet and Red Drum, will be determined by TAIL LENGTH. In case of a tie, first measured fish wins.
14. All Anglers must have a current NPS Off Road Vehicle (ORV) permit to drive on NPS beaches; available at the Bodie or Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and online.
15. All Anglers must have a valid NC Saltwater Fishing License; available at tackle shops and online www.takemefishing.org.
16. In accordance with IRS rules, all winners are required to fill out and sign IRS Form W9 prior to payment/receipt of prizes. Our NCBBA Treasurer is present and will provide the W9 forms at the awards dinner when awards are presented.
17. Team Fishing Category: The team with most number of Red Drum registered will be the winning team. Should there be a tie in quantity, the team that reaches the winning number of Red Drum earliest, by session and time, will be the winner.
Slight changes in rules & prizes may occur between this printing and the tournament. All entries will be advised of any changes at registration. Co-Chairman, Head Judge and Asst. Head Judge excluded from prizes.