NCBBA 2024 RDT Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the RDT?

  • You can register at our web site, , electronically or by printing the form and mailing it.
  • Printed applications are also available at many Hatteras Island businesses. Mail the application to the address printed on the form. BE ADVISED if you are mailing a registration, you must do so by October 1st, or we may not get it in time as our board members will be busy at other fishing tournaments and will be out of the area.
  • Online registration closes the Friday before the tournament. October 18, 2024. After that date you can still register for the tournament but will do so on Wednesday October 23, 2024, at Frank and Fran’s in Avon.

When do I check-in and get my packet for the RDT?

  • If pre-registered, you will sign in at the drive though registration in the parking lot of the Klub Koru beginning at 8 AM Wednesday October 23th. The parking lot is on HW12 just south of the traffic light in Avon and immediately south of the Pangea Tavern on the ocean side.

Can I still register if the deadline has closed?

  • Yes, you can register the day of the tournament (October 23, 2024) at Frank & Fran’s which is located at 40210 Hwy 12 in Avon. Walk in registration will be available from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. If unable to get there by that time you may register the following morning at Frank & Frans after 7:00 A.M.

Will I get a free T-shirt if I register after September 25, 2024?

  • We must order all shirts by 9/25/2024. We may have some shirts available for purchase on a first come first serve basis. We realize this is a change from past years but it is necessary to keep costs down. 

What do I do after I’ve check-in?

  • After receiving your registration package, you can go to Frank & Frans for your free ice, fishing goods, or to purchase RDT banquet tickets for your guests, NCBBA merchandise and RDT raffle tickets.

Are there any NCBBA activities before the fishing starts?

  • Yes, there will be two demonstrations at Ramp 34 beginning at 9:00 A.M. on Wednesday. Tommy Farmer, former national long distance casting champion, will be providing instruction on improving your cast. Tommy will be followed by Ryan White, a local third generation tackle shop owner and expert angler, who will be talking about methods to succeed in surf fishing.

Where do judges go to get their packets?

  • All judges must also check-in with the Head Judge after going to the drive though check-in. The Head Judge team will be at Frank and Fran’s. There you will get your judge specific information and will have time to get oriented to any updates on this year’s tournament.

I want to volunteer to judge. What do I do?

  • To meet the judging requirements, you must have a reliable 4 WD vehicle, current ORV beach permit, be 18 years of age or older, and have valid driver's license.
  • You can choose to judge one session or two sessions. One-session Judges pay $65.00 and Two-session Judges are Free.
  • Prior to registering to be a Judge you must contact Head Al Adam (Al.Adam@ncbba.org) to get a ramp assignment. Once you have done so go to and select the judge application rather than the angler application.

What if the Judge slots are full?

  • In case all the slots are full Al will put you in as a standby. You will register as an angler but if he needs you to Judge you will be refunded $65.00 if you are a one session judge and $130.00 if you are a two-session Judge.

What is the Judge Prize Category?

  • Judges are key to our tournament as we are a catch and release Red Drum tournament. We need to have judges to get to the anglers in a timely manner so the fish can be released. For that reason, we are incentivizing judges not only with discount or free entry but also a new prize category for all two-session judges. For 2024 the prize is $1000.00!

Can I volunteer even if I don’t want to fish?

  • Yes, we can always use volunteers! It takes a lot of people to put on this event, so your help is welcomed. We need people to help on Wednesday and Saturday to sell raffles, merchandise or assist with late registration, check-in, and setup. You will get an RDT shirt and free entrance into the Banquet as a thank you.
  • Contact Janice Regan at Janice.Regan@ncbba.org to discuss volunteer opportunities.

Do I need a fishing license?

How do I purchase an ORV Permit?

Must I be an NCBBA member to fish the RDT?

  • No, our RDT is open to all. We would like you to consider joining the NCBBA for lots of reasons, but membership is not a requirement, bring a friend.

Is there a limit to the number of anglers in a team?

  • Yes, 3 to 6 members per team

If on a team, must I fish with my teammates?

  • No, you may fish anywhere you want within the given area provided a judge is able to drive, not walk, to your fishing spot.

How does my Red Drum fish score count towards a team total?

  • You registered as an individual angler for the RDT. As an individual angler you are also linked to a team name on the registration form.

What size of Red Drum fish counts toward team total fish count?

  • Red Drum must be at least 18” to count. Please refer to the RDT Rules for all other sizes.

My friend or my wife are judging with me and fishing. Are they required to pay the $130.00 entrance fee?

  • Yes, only one person in a vehicle is considered the judge. Ride alongs are up to the discretion of the person judging.
  • An option is, if both of you judge separately, then yes, both are eligible to fish for free if judging two sessions.

What are the tournament hours to fish?

  • Non-stop fishing begins on October 24th at midnight until Noon on October 26th . Please see RDT rules for details.

Where can I fish?

  • Currently, you can fish between North of ramp 23 through North of Ramp 43 provided a judge is able to drive, not walk, to your fishing spot.
  • Other areas may become available if weather prevents us from fishing in the current given areas.
  • The NCBBA Head Judge will drive on the beaches a day or so before the tournament and may deem some places off limits due to beach conditions as well as NPS turtle closure areas.

Am I able to fish in areas where the water is high and not drivable?

  • No, you can only fish in an area where the judge is able to drive, not walk, to your fishing spot.
  • We will distribute a list of Designated Fishing Areas when you check in.

What are these areas fenced off with an NCBBA RDT Only signs?

  • The NCBBA RDT is grandfathered with the NPS to fish in typically known as non-ORV areas during the tournament hours.
  • You will be provided with a piece of survey ribbon to affix to your vehicle so the NPS Rangers can identify you as an NCBBA RDT participant.
  • These areas are non-ORV before and after the tournament.

 Last year there were not enough T-shirts for those registering late. Will I get my gear if I register on October 23th?

  • Due to our supplier timeline we must cut off free t-shirts by September 25, 2024. Your best bet is to register before September 25, 2024. Your early registration greatly helps us to be prepared in advance and is much appreciated.

One year the venue was too small last year for the awards dinner. What are you doing this year to make it better?

  • Seating is limited. Please consider this is Hatteras Island. The island does not have a venue anywhere to accommodate the quantity of people that attend our Awards/Banquet dinner.
  • The RDT committee has discussed this in detail on how to make improvements for this year’s RDT Awards Dinner. We will be adding tents to accommodate more persons to be under a roof and other plans to be prepared, the best way possible, for weather conditions.

Do I have to purchase Banquet/Awards Meal Tickets for my guests?

  • Yes, unfortunately like everything else costs have risen to the point we need to go back to requiring that only Anglers, Judges and Volunteers get in the banquet for free.
  • You can purchase the guest meal tickets on Wednesday at Frank and Fran’s during Late Registration.

Updated: 8/11/23