A Brief Tournament History

As we celebrate our 13th Annual NCBBA Red Drum Tournament here is some background.

The tournament that immediately preceded Frank and Fran's Red Drum Tournament was the 15th Annual World Championship Red Drum Tournament. That event was founded by Joe Moore (One More Cast) and run by Joe and his wife until 1998. Joe's tournament was headquartered at Frank and Fran's in 1998 after which he felt it was time for someone else to take over and the three-day tournament and it was ceded to Frank Folb, who started Frank and Fran's Red Drum Tournament in 1999.

Frank, Fran, and some of his crew ran the tournament until 2008 when they decided it was time to pass it on. NCBBA was given the opportunity to take over the event. With knowledge of the intense work required to manage such a tournament, the Board of Directors was generally reluctant to take it on. Up stepped David Joyner and with extraordinary effort and his commitment to accept all responsibility, we officially had the first NCBBA Red Drum Tournament in 2009. Dave, with the help of several steadfast members, headed up tournament efforts until stepping down in 2017 after the 9th Annual event. A committee of anywhere from 4 to 8 members has managed it since 2018.

David Flanigan was head judge with Bobby Halstead as his assistant for the first nine events. George Mood picked up the head judge mantle in 2017 and still carries it with Bobby remaining assistant as he has for every previous tournament. Tom Heggie, our Treasurer, continues to support the registration, headquarters, and banquet functions as he has done for the last several tournaments. Carol Mowers is a fixture at the merchandize tables and in creation of this Tournament Book, along with Janice Regan. This year’s booklet has evolved with the hard work and collaboration of Janice and Carol.

The desire for continuous improvement has brought us such things as the awards banquet venue at the Beach Klub at Koru in beginning in 2017, the first team division, “The Joe Moore Team Challenge” in 2018, and for this year a “Judge’s Only” division within the tournament, where two-session judges can compete for a $ 500.00 cash prize for biggest drum in that group. It is our intention to continue the policy started by Past President Bill Smith of soliciting feedback from our anglers and members to continue to enhance the event. I should mention that the team event has not only attracted some fierce competition but is also turning out to be a fun family attraction.

When Frank Folb sold his business to Heather and Tim James and Stephanie and Randy Bayne in 2016 the new owners graciously offered to continue to offer the shop as Tournament headquarters and thankfully continue to do so today.

A Tournament Committee took over the task of running the 10th annual event and has continued this year under the direction of Chairman Bill King and Assistant Chairman Chris Worthington, both current NCBBA directors. They have both worked diligently since the last tournament to bring us the best possible product including the popular drive through sign-in of 2021 which will continue this year.

Last, and by no means least, we need to thank the judges, sponsors, volunteers, supporters and you, our angler, in making the Tournament possible. Many have been with us since the beginning and hopefully will be with us for years to come. Thank you for the support and your suggestions for ways that we may improve what is already a terrific event.

Al Adam, President