2020 Photo Contest Winners!!

Hey everyone, the 2020 Photo Contest concluded on November 20th and though we didn’t see as many photos as last year, we did have quality ones which made the decision making difficult. When deciding on the winners, we utilize the criteria in the contest rules, “photos must reflect the attractiveness and/or the attractions of the area. And as you all know; the Outer Banks offer a great deal of both for folks to take in. I’m sure your Board of Directors will agree that we see a lot of photos submitted on facebook and other social media with members showing off that huge drum, speckled trout and other types of fish that are caught off the beach as well as photos of just enjoying all the Outer Banks has to offer. And my question is, “Why don’t you submit them to the contest”? It’s pretty easy to do it, just go to the NCBBA website and look under the Program/Events tab where you’ll find the Photo Contest. Let’s check it out. While your doing this, share the contest with your kids, nephews and nieces who I’m sure you signed up as a junior member. They might even be able to show you a thing or two about taking a pic on the phones. Anyway… to the winners….

In 1st Place submitted by John Coffman #15104 from Chester, Virginia is “Lighthouse Pond”. John took this great photo at ramp 44. Lighthouses on the Outer Banks are a huge attraction and represent an era when they were a vital part of navigation. John will receive a check for $100

Lighthouse Pond

In 2nd Place submitted by Dale East #5044 from Eagle Rock, Virginia is “Waiting on the Sea”. Dale took this pic near Oregon Inlet. Although this photo is not of a pirate ship or war vessel, it does represent yet another ship that is meeting the fate of the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”. Dale will receive a check for $75

Waiting on the Ocean

In 3rd Place submitted by Joe Gander #8221 from Martinsburg, WV is “Early Morning Bite”. Joe took this pic on the beach in Buxton. Fisherman love to get an early start when down on the Outer Banks. Maybe the saying should be “The early fisherman catches the fish”. Just a thought. Joe will receive a check for $50

Early Morning Bite

The entire Board of Directors would like to extend their appreciation for all those that submitted to the contest and we look forward to even more photos for the 2021 Contest.