Annual Photo Contest

 Junior, Regular & Lifetime Members eligible!!! 

Ed Frankenstein, Photo Contest Chairperson

It's time to get those cameras clicking and capture those memorable moments on the Outer Banks. Again this year we are able to support those of you who wish to submit your photos digitally via email. Please read the contest criteria and submissions guidelines before submitting your photos. All the instructions are below. Send the photo by email to [email protected]. US Mail entries, please complete the required information below (please print!) tape it to the back of your photo, and mail it in!

Contest Criteria:

Photos must be taken during the contest year between November 21 to November 20. 

The photo MUST be taken on the Outer Banks from Carova to Ocracoke, and reflect the attractiveness and/or the attractions of the area.

All photos miust be taken on land. Photos from drones, planes or boats offshore will not be considered. 

Members can submit more than one entry, but contestant can only win one (1) prize.

Photos can be submitted at any time during the contest year, with all photo entries postmarked no later than November 20. 

Each photo entry sent by U.S. mail must have a completed entry form TAPED to the back.

The photo size may be a 4”x6”, 5”x7”, or an 8”x10”, either in color or black/white. Maximum file size for electronic entry is restricted to 1.5Mb per photo.

Each photo should be of good quality with clear images.

The photo will be posted with your name and membership number on the Photo Gallery hosted on the NCBBA website.

Do not mat or frame your photo for submission.

The photo entry will remain property of NCBBA and may be used to benefit the Association with credit given to the photographer. By submitting your photo in the contest, you are licensing NCBBA with unrestricted use of the photo in perpetuity.

Professional Photographers are requested not to enter into this contest.

Submitting your Photo Electronically:

To submit your photo via email, please be sure to follow these instructions. Email your photo to [email protected] with the subject line “Photo Contest Submittal”, and in the body of your email provide the following information about yourself:

            Name and Membership Number

            Address, City, State, and Zip Code

            Phone Number

            Email Address

            Date and Location where the photo was taken

            A caption or title for the photo

Individually attach the photo to the email, ensuring to adhere to the size requirement of 1.5Mb Max in JPEG format. Obvious extensive editing, Photoshop signatures, timestamps and/or watermarks are not permitted on the photograph or it will be disqualified.

Submitting your Photo via Regular Mail:

To submit your photo via regular mail services, please be sure to follow these instructions. Submit your photo with the completed entry form taped to the back of the original photo. You can obtain this form in the latest edition of the NCBBA Newsletter. Mail the package to:

       NCBBA Annual Photo Contest

      Director, Ed Frankenstein

     13001 Moody Rd.

     North Prince George, VA 23860

Judging the Winners:

The photo entries will be judged for prizes for the first (1st), second (2nd) and third (3rd) place to be awarded. The winning photo entries and names will be published in the January/February/March edition of the NCBBA Newsletter. All winners will receive a formal letter of congratulations from the NCBBA along with their prize.

2019 Photo Contest Prizes:

Regular & Lifetime members

First (1st) place - $100.00

Second (2nd) place - $75.00

Third (3rd) place – $50.00

Junior Members

First (1st) place - $75.00