Harry Nash # 6980, Past President

Junior Membership in our organization is available to all youth from birth to age 16. Applications are available online and in the newsletter.

When a Junior Member turns 16 they can convert to a regular member for the payment of one year’s dues and get the following year’s dues free.

President Bill Smith has stressed the importance of Legacy Memberships. Give your child or grandchild a youth membership and get them involved in outdoor recreation and more importantly fishing!

Junior members are important to the future of our organization. They are the ones that will determine future conservation programs and the right of access to public lands and the recreational use of these lands. 

We need to involve more youth and teach them our Mission, Our Code of Ethics and insure that they treat our public lands as we pledge to do in our Operation Beach Respect Program.

If you have any ideas for Junior Member programs, activities or events please contact me at harry.nash@ncbba.org or if you would like to discuss an idea please call me at 252-489-9011.