2019 RDT FAQs


RDT =              Red Drum Tournament

NCBBA =          North Carolina Beach Buggy Association

ORV =              Off Road Vehicle

NPS =               National Park Service

RDT Facts and Questions (FAQs):

When do I sign in for the RDT?

  • You will sign in at the RDT Headquarters inside Frank and Fran’s in Avon, NC which has graciously accepted to be our headquarters again in 2019 beginning at 8 AM Wednesday October 23rd.

Where do I register to fish the RDT?

  • You may register at our web site, , electronically or printing the form and mailing it.
  • You may register by mailing a printed application found at many Hatteras Island businesses, Mail To address is listed in form.

I want to volunteer to judge. What do I do?

  • Meet the judging requirements / must have a reliable 4 WD vehicle, current ORV beach permit, be 21 years of age or older, valid driver's license and other minute details.
  • Pre-register at and select the proper boxes, such as judged last year.
  • If you did not judge last year, we request you to pay the $100.00 fee which will be refunded at sign in or you may donate the fee and might be eligible for a tax write off.
  • You may also register to judge up to 8 PM Wednesday October 23rd at Frank and Fran’s, NCBBA Headquarters, provided openings are available.

Do I need a fishing permit?

Must I be an NCBBA member to fish the RDT?

  • No, our RDT is open to all. We would like for you to consider joining the NCBBA for lots of reasons but membership is not a requirement, bring a friend.

Is there a limit to the number of anglers in a team?

  • Yes, 3 to 6 members per team

The team rules indicate that each team will be asked to volunteer a judge for at least two sessions. The next paragraph says that team members will pay the same entry fee as others and will qualify for individual prize categories.

  • The teammate that judges will be reimbursed the $100.00
  • All other teammates will pay the $100.00 entrance fee
  • One option is if two teammates volunteer one six hour shift, each. However, only one may claim the reimbursement at sign in; you split the money amongst yourselves.

If on a team, must I fish with my teammates?

  • No, you may fish anywhere you want within the given area provided a judge is able to drive, not walk, to your fishing spot.

How does my Red Drum fish score count towards a team total?

  • You registered as an individual angler for the RDT. As an individual angler you are also linked to a team name on the registration form. Your Red Drum fish caught, as an individual angler, is also listed for your team in quantity only which is recorded at headquarters.

What size of Red Drum fish counts toward team total fish count?

  • Red Drum must be at least 18” to count. Please refer to the RDT Rules for all other sizes.

So in order to form a team, one member must volunteer to be a judge?

  • We can only ask and urge a team to volunteer a member to judge. 
  • All teams are kindly requested to offer up a volunteer to judge.
  • This may be one person for two 6 hour shifts or two persons performing a one 6 hour shift each. Only one person may be reimbursed the $100.00 at sign in.  

What is required to be a judge?

  • Most anyone may judge, whether being an individual or on a team. I say most anyone because to judge you must have a 4 WD vehicle, ORV beach permit, be 21 years of age or older, valid driver's license and other minute details.

My friend or my wife are judging with me and fishing. Are they required to pay the $100.00 entrance fee?

  • Yes, only one person in a vehicle is considered the judge. Ride alongs are up to the discretion of the person judging
  • An option is, if both of you judge separately, then yes, both are reimbursed the $100.00 fee

What are the tournament hours to fish?

  • Non-stop fishing October 23rd 12 midnight till Noon on October 26th. . Please see RDT rules for details.

Where may I fish?

  • Currently, you may fish between North of ramp 23 through North of Ramp 43 provided a judge is able to drive, not walk, to your fishing spot.
  • Other areas may become available if weather prevents us from fishing in the current given areas.

Am I able to fish in areas where the water is high and not drivable?

  • You may only fish in an area where the judge is able to drive, not walk, to your fishing spot.
  • We will distribute a list of Caution Driving Areas when you register to fish.

What are these areas fenced off with an NCBBA RDT Only signs?

  • The NCBBA RDT is grandfathered in with the NPS to fish in typically known as Non-ORV areas during the tournament hours.
  • You will be provided a form of identification for the Park Rangers to quickly identify you as an NCBBA RDT participant.
  • These areas are non-ORV before and after the tournament.

Last year there were not enough buckets or t-shirts for those registering, late. Will I get my gear if I register on October 23rd?

  • It was unfortunate and we apologize for not planning for the quantity of attending anglers in 2018. Our 2018 RDT was the second recorded high in attendees at 325 anglers. We are making arrangements to have enough buckets, t-shirts and hats for all who register to fish the RDT. More t-shirts will be available this year for late anglers and for sale. However, first come, first serve on t-shirt sizes for those who register before September 15, 2019 will guarantee the right fit.

The venue was too small last year for the awards dinner. What are you doing this year to make it better?

  • The RDT committee has discussed this in detail on how to make improvements for this year’s RDT Awards Dinner. We will be adding tents to accommodate more persons to be under a roof and other plans to be prepared, the best way possible, for weather conditions.
  • Please consider this is Hatteras Island. The island does not have a venue anywhere to accommodate the quantity of attendees without making some changes.
  • Also, on this year’s RDT application, we ask you to answer if you are attending so we may have a better idea of attendees further in advance.