Red Drum Tournament Judges Needed

May 20, 2019

2019 Red Drum Tournament Committee (RDTC)

Request for RDT Judges

Dear Anglers,

It is our pleasure to inform you the NCBBA RDTC has moved forward preparing for our 11th anniversary Red Drum Tournament October 23 to 26. We would not be able to have this event without you anglers and appreciate those anglers who chose to be a judge. We are reaching out to all anglers, above the age of 21, to see if you would be interested in judging this year. The NCBBA Web Site and our Facebook page have more details. Also, we have mailed out many applications and updated our web site which has an application for you to easily fill out online or print to send in. You will receive a Hat, Judge’s T-Shirt, a 5-gallon bucket and other freebies, valued above $60.00 retail. As always, you are welcome to fish the tournament. If you judged the previous year, you do not pay $100.00 up front. A first year judge pays the $100.00 fee upfront, which is reimbursed upon signing in at headquarters.

We are now accepting RDT judge and angler’s applications and getting this information out there early so you may plan time off and reserve accommodations. Some facilities offer a discount to NCBBA members; see our web site Merchant Discount Program. Please note, the minimum Off Road Vehicle (ORV) Pass is now good for ten (10) days.

New this year:

  1. This year, after judges register at Headquarters, Frank and Fran’s, you will be directed to the Avon Fire Department where Head Judges will be stationed all day for your convenience to get your judge information package and other information you may need to help us judge the RDT. Snacks and drinks will be served. This allows those who are not judging at midnight to select your fishing spot, early.
  2. The Beach Klub, next to Avon Fishing Pier, is the new location of Saturday’s awards meal which has a new more convenient ramp.
  3. Frank and Fran’s have graciously agreed to house our registration and headquarters once more. Sign in to complete the registration process and receive your freebies.
  4. Magnetic signs will not be used this year identifying you as a judge as we tend to lose more signs every year due to the wind blowing them off the side of your vehicle. A new style sign will be used which attaches to your window for better visibility and not so easily blown off.
  5. All new cell phones will be provided to help maintain communication between the angler and the judge.
  6. We are excited to inform you North of Ramp 44 is available, once more, for us to fish during the tournament, pending additional judge availability. Also, north of ramp 44 will come in handy in case of an area between ramps 23 and 38 are not available due to storm damage. Therefore, we need more judges, at least five (5). Please pass the word around to your friends.
  7. Several of you have requested one more Roving Judge. We need volunteers to be a roving judge, at least three (3). Also, please pass the word around to your friends.

It is you that will help make this a great 11th anniversary event. Please join us again for one of the best fishing tournaments on the East Coast and be a judge. We thank you for your time.

Best regards,

Lee Barrett, Co-Chairman RDTC