Science Committee Report on Wildlife Nesting

Science Committee Report

Al Adam, Vice President # 13459

A much anticipated Science Committee Report has been prepared and presented by The American Ornithological Society Committee on Science Arbitration.

It is a comprehensive report evaluating the past and present management of beach-nesting wildlife species at the Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area. It contains 60 plus pages of data, charts and details about characteristics of various nesting birds and sea turtles, the things that likely influence their results and theories about other things that may influence their results.

Due to its size we have posted printed some of it in this newsletter but we have posted the entire report on our website for your review. Science Committee CAHA-report_final-AOS.pdf

I have only gotten into the first 17 pages of the report thus far and have developed a number of questions related to what I have seen to this point. Those questions, per Superintendent Hallac, may be presented to the authors, of which there are seven and two assistants. Some of my questions thus far are likely the results of my lack of familiarity with certain terms and others are as simple as wishing to know how some of the species target numbers may have been arrived upon. For instance the target for nesting pairs at Cape Point is 30, while the historical high is 15. As a career commissioned employee I was always aware of targets and the importance of keeping them realistic. We always wanted or needed more but kept in mind that goals should not be arbitrary....and I'm not saying these are, I just would like to understand their basis.

I would appreciate it if those of you who are interested who read the report and either solicit the authors for answers to any questions or send your questions to me and I will collect them and submit them in their entirety later this fall. I have little or no doubt that this information will come into play during any future reviews of access and resource protection concerns. One thing that is becoming apparent is that we will be trying to do more with less in many areas as erosion takes its toll on many areas of Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands.

Cancellation of the 2020 Red Drum Fishing Tournament

This information was (virtually) presented at the 2020 NCBBA Annual Meeting on 7/18:

This week the NCBBA Board made the decision to cancel this year's Red Drum Tournament. We had a great deal of discussion but with the issues arising from the presence of the COVID virus and the challenges that would create, the Board did not feel it was feasible to move forward with this year's Tournament. We know this is a disappointment for many but hope you will join us in looking forward to next year's event. Refunds will be forthcoming to all who have already registered for this year's tournament.

We had also hoped to have a mid-summer Operation Beach Respect event and picnic next weekend but with the restrictions currently in place by the state of North Carolina, we didn’t feel we could effectively have the kind of event we wanted and thus it was necessary to cancel that event.

This has been a challenging summer here on the Outer Banks. Visitation numbers are off the charts, with many first time visitors. As  NCBBA members,  let’s be ambassadors out on the beach, especially by setting an example for others, whether it be airing down, driving safely, being courteous while using the beach or being a resource if any first time visitors have questions or need our advice. Let’s have them look to us as an example out on the beach.

On another note, we are currently holding a raffle for a painting called “Running of the Blues”. Tickets can be purchased on our website and information about the painting and the raffle are located on the website and on our Facebook Page. The painting was donated by George Deems Jr., whose father was a former NCBBA President.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Bill Smith, NCBBA President


2020 NCBBA Annual Venue Change

The NCBBA Board of Directors held a conference call on April 18 and decided that this year’s Annual Meeting / Pic Pickin’ that was to be held at the Beach Klub in Avon, N.C. on Saturday, May 23, 2020, will be cancelled due to COVID-19, and a conference call will be held. Those that have prepaid will be refunded their payment. In addition, information regarding the Scholarships and Angler of the Year will be placed in the next issue of the NCBBA newsletter. The entire board extends their apologies for having to make this decision but we are already making plans for the event to be held next Memorial Day.

Ed Frankenstein, Director #15002

Ocracoke Residents Need Help with Housing

A Home for the Holidays is seeking funds and/or help with shelter for residents of hurricane-stricken Ocracoke Island which struck September 6, 2019

It was the worst flooding in over 60 years!

Nearly 400 people (almost half the population) are displaced.

Many Ocracoke residents are still without a place to call home. 

Do you have or know of a travel trailer that can be donated? 

Consider a gift or money or a gently used travel trailer to an Ocracoke family.

Contact Maria Martinez / 252-216-6436

Come on out for Tommy Farmer Casting Semiar

In addition to sponsoring a youth team for this year's NCBBA Red Drum Tournament, Tommy Farmer will be doing his highly touted Casting Seminar 10/23 at 9:00 A.M. at Ramp 34 in Avon. Don't miss it.....Tommy will demonstrate the technique that will enable you to reach out whether you are a novice or a veteran surf caster.