Red Drum Tournament Judges Needed

May 20, 2019

2019 Red Drum Tournament Committee (RDTC)

Request for RDT Judges

Dear Anglers,

It is our pleasure to inform you the NCBBA RDTC has moved forward preparing for our 11th anniversary Red Drum Tournament October 23 to 26. We would not be able to have this event without you anglers and appreciate those anglers who chose to be a judge. We are reaching out to all anglers, above the age of 21, to see if you would be interested in judging this year. The NCBBA Web Site and our Facebook page have more details. Also, we have mailed out many applications and updated our web site which has an application for you to easily fill out online or print to send in. You will receive a Hat, Judge’s T-Shirt, a 5-gallon bucket and other freebies, valued above $60.00 retail. As always, you are welcome to fish the tournament. If you judged the previous year, you do not pay $100.00 up front. A first year judge pays the $100.00 fee upfront, which is reimbursed upon signing in at headquarters.

We are now accepting RDT judge and angler’s applications and getting this information out there early so you may plan time off and reserve accommodations. Some facilities offer a discount to NCBBA members; see our web site Merchant Discount Program. Please note, the minimum Off Road Vehicle (ORV) Pass is now good for ten (10) days.

New this year:

  1. This year, after judges register at Headquarters, Frank and Fran’s, you will be directed to the Avon Fire Department where Head Judges will be stationed all day for your convenience to get your judge information package and other information you may need to help us judge the RDT. Snacks and drinks will be served. This allows those who are not judging at midnight to select your fishing spot, early.
  2. The Beach Klub, next to Avon Fishing Pier, is the new location of Saturday’s awards meal which has a new more convenient ramp.
  3. Frank and Fran’s have graciously agreed to house our registration and headquarters once more. Sign in to complete the registration process and receive your freebies.
  4. Magnetic signs will not be used this year identifying you as a judge as we tend to lose more signs every year due to the wind blowing them off the side of your vehicle. A new style sign will be used which attaches to your window for better visibility and not so easily blown off.
  5. All new cell phones will be provided to help maintain communication between the angler and the judge.
  6. We are excited to inform you North of Ramp 44 is available, once more, for us to fish during the tournament, pending additional judge availability. Also, north of ramp 44 will come in handy in case of an area between ramps 23 and 38 are not available due to storm damage. Therefore, we need more judges, at least five (5). Please pass the word around to your friends.
  7. Several of you have requested one more Roving Judge. We need volunteers to be a roving judge, at least three (3). Also, please pass the word around to your friends.

It is you that will help make this a great 11th anniversary event. Please join us again for one of the best fishing tournaments on the East Coast and be a judge. We thank you for your time.

Best regards,

Lee Barrett, Co-Chairman RDTC


Sailfish Stained Glass Raffle Tickets Now on Sale

Sailfish Raffle Tickets now available under "Shop". As NCBBA members we are so fortunate that Tracey Oates donates a beautiful stained glass to raffle off. Tickets are one of $5.00, five for $20.00, and 15 for $50.00. Cut off date for sales will be November 10th, 2019, drawing will be November 16th, 2019 at the Board of Directors Meeting. A list will be kept for ticket sales, a ticket will not be mailed to the purchaser.

2019 RDT Sponsors, Boosters and Supporters

2019 NCBBA Red Drum Tournament - Sponsors, Supporters and Boosters
Name Location 
Akios/One More Cast Avon, NC
Avon Pier/Koru Village Avon, NC
Cape Henry CRFG/Vega USA Chesapeake, VA
Carolina Cast Pro/Tommy Farmer Rocky Point, NC
Century Rod/Hatteras Jacks/Ryan White Rodanthe, NC
Flying Fish Ink Kill Devil Hills, NC
Frank & Fran's Avon, NC
Frisco Rod and Gun Frisco, NC
Gary Michael Lexington, NC
Lighthouse Sports Bar Buxton, NC
Ninja Tackle/Matt Poole Chester, VA
Shore Lure Dist Co./Jim Darges Raleigh, NC
Name Location 
Askins Creek Store Avon, NC
Atlantic Coast Sign & Electric Ruckersville, VA
Beach Electric and Repair Services Friso, NC
Beach Pharmacy Avon & Hatteras, NC
Billy Mills #13488 Charlotte, NC
Billy's Truck and Auto Kill Devil Hills, NC
Breeze Thru Avon, NC
Burger Burger Avon, NC
Camp Hatteras  Waves, NC
Cape Hatteras Carpet Buxton, NC
Cape Hatteras Motel Buxton, NC
Cape Hatteras Realty and Construction Salvo, NC
Cape Pines Motel  Buxton, NC
Carol (#10999) and Dave (#11935) Mowers Kill Devil Hills, NC
Chuck's AC and Refrigeration Kill Devil Hills, NC
Coastal Septic Company Nags Head, NC
Coastal Impressions Nags Head, NC
Coastal Septic Nags Head, NC
Conners Market Buxton, NC
CresConn Bank Buxton, NC
Delaware Mobile Sports Fishermen Millsboro, DE
Farm Bureau Insurance Dare County, NC
Flying Fish Ink  Kill Devil Hills, NC
Frisco Tackle  Frisco, NC
Hatteras Body Shop Frisco, NC
Hatteras Island Transportation  Buxton, NC
Hatteras Realty Avon, NC
Island Cruisers Rodanthe, NC
Island Spice and Wine Avon, NC
Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates Kitty Hawk, NC
John Cupples Contracting Altoona, PA
Lighthouse Auto  Buxton, NC
Liza's Pizza Rodanthe, NC
Manteo Furniture and Appliance Manteo, NC
Nags Head Surf Fishing Club Nags Head, NC
NC 12 Realty  Buxton, NC
Oceana's Bistro Avon, NC
Ocean Atlantic Rentals Kill Devil Hills, NC
Ocean Gourmet/Sea Treasures Rodanthe, NC
Ocean Waves Campground  Waves, NC
Outland Seafood  Mann's Harbor, NC
Quarterdeck Resturant Frisco, NC
Red Drum Tackle Buxton, NC
Rodanthe Pier Rodanthe, NC
St. Clairs Family Campground Rodanthe, NC
Sunrise Seafood Avon, NC
The Blue Whale Rodanthe, NC
Top Dog Cafe Rodanthe, NC
Wright Way Real Estate NC & VA
Name Member #
Al Adam 13459
Art Kojoyian 15758
Brynn Smith 15158
Christopher Gainer None
Daniel Supplee 14185
Dave Wigginton 335
Henry Lucas 50277
In Memory of Ralph Barrow Sr. 82
James Lucas 50278
Joan Supplee 15766
John Bryant 15747
Linda Wigginton  15747
Malcolm Pace 596
Maryanne Adam 14183
Michael Jeffers 955
Nancy Houda 15314
Scarlet Smith 50299
Steve Barrow 352
Wills Lucas 50276
Youth Entry Sponsors  
Name Member #
Dave Wigginton 335
Tommy Farmer 13043

2019 Red Drum Tournament FAQs


RDT =               Red Drum Tournament

NCBBA =          North Carolina Beach Buggy Association

ORV =              Off Road Vehicle

NPS =               National Park Service

RDT Facts and Questions (FAQs):


When do I sign in for the RDT?

  • You will sign in at the RDT Headquarters inside Frank and Fran’s in Avon, NC which has graciously accepted to be our headquarters again in 2019 beginning at 8 AM Wednesday October 23rd.

Where do I register to fish the RDT?

  • You may register at our web site, , electronically or printing the form and mailing it.
  • You may register by mailing a printed application found at many Hatteras Island businesses, Mail To address is listed in form.

I want to volunteer to judge. What do I do?

  • Meet the judging requirements / must have a reliable 4 WD vehicle, current ORV beach permit, be 21 years of age or older, valid driver's license and other minute details.
  • Pre-register at and select the proper boxes, such as judged last year.
  • If you did not judge last year, we request you to pay the $100.00 fee which will be refunded at sign in or you may donate the fee and might be eligible for a tax write off.
  • You may also register to judge up to 8 PM Wednesday October 23rd at Frank and Fran’s, NCBBA Headquarters, provided openings are available.

Do I need a fishing permit?


Must I be an NCBBA member to fish the RDT?

  • No, our RDT is open to all. We would like for you to consider joining the NCBBA for lots of reasons but membership is not a requirement, bring a friend.

Is there a limit to the number of anglers in a team?

  • Yes, 3 to 6 members per team

The team rules indicate that each team will be asked to volunteer a judge for at least two sessions. The next paragraph says that team members will pay the same entry fee as others and will qualify for individual prize categories.

  • The team mate that judges will be reimbursed the $100.00
  • All other team mates will pay the $100.00 entrance fee
  • One option is if two team mates volunteer one six hour shift, each. However, only one may claim the reimbursement at sign in; you split the money amongst yourselves.

If on a team, must I fish with my team mates?

  • No, you may fish anywhere you want within the given area provided a judge is able to drive, not walk, to your fishing spot.

How does my Red Drum fish score count towards a team total?

  • You registered as an individual angler for the RDT. As an individual angler you are also linked to a team name on the registration form. Your Red Drum fish caught, as an individual angler, is also listed for your team in quantity only which is recorded at headquarters.

What size of Red Drum fish counts toward team total fish count?

  • Red Drum must be at least 18” to count. Please refer to the RDT Rules for all other sizes.

So in order to form a team, one member must volunteer to be a judge?

  • We can only ask and urge a team to volunteer a member to judge. 
  • All teams are kindly requested to offer up a volunteer to judge.
  • This may be one person for two 6 hour shifts or two persons performing a one 6 hour shift each. Only one person may be reimbursed the $100.00 at sign in.  

What is required to be a judge?

  • Most anyone may judge, whether being an individual or on a team. I say most anyone because to judge you must have a 4 WD vehicle, ORV beach permit, be 21 years of age or older, valid driver's license and other minute details.

My friend or my wife are judging with me and fishing. Are they required to pay the $100.00 entrance fee?

  • Yes, only one person in a vehicle is considered the judge. Ride alongs are up to the discretion of the person judging
  • An option is, if both of you judge separately, then yes, both are reimbursed the $100.00 fee

What are the tournament hours to fish?

  • Non-stop fishing October 23rd 12 midnight till Noon on October 26th. . Please see RDT rules for details.

Where may I fish?

  • Currently, you may fish between North of ramp 23 through North of Ramp 43 provided a judge is able to drive, not walk, to your fishing spot.
  • Other areas may become available if weather prevents us from fishing in the current given areas.

Am I able to fish in areas where the water is high and not drivable?

  • You may only fish in an area where the judge is able to drive, not walk, to your fishing spot.
  • We will distribute a list of Caution Driving Areas when you register to fish.

What are these areas fenced off with an NCBBA RDT Only signs?

  • The NCBBA RDT is grandfathered in with the NPS to fish in typically known as Non-ORV areas during the tournament hours.
  • You will be provided a form of identification for the Park Rangers to quickly identify you as an NCBBA RDT participant.
  • These areas are non-ORV before and after the tournament.

Last year there were not enough buckets or t-shirts for those registering, late. Will I get my gear if I register on October 23rd?

  • It was unfortunate and we apologize for not planning for the quantity of attending anglers in 2018. Our 2018 RDT was the second recorded high in attendees at 325 anglers. We are making arrangements to have enough buckets, t-shirts and hats for all who register to fish the RDT. More t-shirts will be available this year for late anglers and for sale. However, first come first serve on t-shirt sizes for those who register before September 15, 2019 will guarantee the right fit.

The venue was too small last year for the awards dinner. What are you doing this year to make it better?

  • The RDT committee has discussed this in detail on how to make improvements for this year’s RDT Awards Dinner. We will be adding tents to accommodate more persons to be under a roof and other plans to be prepared, the best way possible, for weather conditions.
  • Please consider this is Hatteras Island. The island does not have a venue anywhere to accommodate the quantity of attendees without making some changes.
  • Also, on this year’s RDT application, we ask you to answer if you are attending so we may have a better idea of attendees further in advance.

Air Down For Our Beaches

Air Down – Please Don’t Tear Up the Beaches

Bill Smith, President #7126 Life Member

Much has been written and said after this past summer season about the need to lower tire pressure before driving on the beach. The issue became one of this summer’s biggest, with over thirty cars being stuck one weekend day at Ramp 44 on Hatteras Island.

The need to “air down” before venturing out onto the sand remains an area of concern for both the National Park Service, as well as other drivers who have to deal with the challenges of multiple “stuck” vehicles in their path.

If you read comments online, there are many different opinions expressed but the opinion of most experienced beach drivers is that it is imperative that you lower tire pressure significantly before attempting drive on the sand, normally reducing air pressure to at least 20 pounds or below.

It seems one of the biggest deterrents to beach drivers failing to “air down” surrounds their questions of what do they do after they leave the beach. Many who come to the Outer Banks on vacation, as well as those who live here, keep their tires aired down for significant periods of time. They do not “air down” and “air up” each time they use the beach. Maintaining reasonable highway speeds, in the area of 40 to 45 mph does little to compromise a vehicle’s tires, certainly over a limited period of time.

If you choose to drive on the beach, one thing that should be done is to become familiar with tackle shops or other locations that provide air stations. Many of our NCBBA Weigh Stations, listed in this newsletter, provide free air. In Corolla, for example, there is a new air station in Corolla Park with six air pumps. Many stores or gas stations up and down the beaches provide free air such as The Blue Whale in Salvo, Askins Creek Store in Avon and the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center. Become familiar with the available air stations around areas of the beach you enjoy.

Please be courteous, failing to properly “air down” before entering the beach can create problems for other conscientious drivers, can make for an expensive afternoon, damage your driveline and lessen the enjoyment of all who use our beaches. Your vehicle may have oversized tires and be capable of traveling on the beach with full air pressure but there is a good chance that it will create ruts making it difficult for those who follow.

Suggested equipment for beach driving is a shovel, a tow strap, a jack and a board to place under it. An air gauge is mandatory and four-wheel drive (4WD), although not mandatory, is highly recommended. All-wheel drive (AWD) and low ground clearance vehicles frequently have problems on the beach. Beware brown sand and drop-offs.

We want everyone to enjoy the beach driving experience by being properly prepared. As NCBBA members, let’s be the ambassadors out on the beach, setting the proper example for others by “airing down” before we head out.

For your convenience, we have listed  Weigh Stations who have air.. 

Weigh Stations With Air

AVON - Frank & Fran's

BUXTON - Dillon's Corner 

FRISCO - Frisco Rod and Gun

HATTERAS - Teach's Lair

OCRACOKE - Tradewinds Tackle Shop