45th Fritz Boyden Youth Tournament


 The 45th Fritz Boyden Youth Tournament was sponsored by the Nags Head Surf Fishing Club, North Carolina Beach Buggy Association, the Sea Hags,  Kelly’s Restaurant, Sysco Foods, the Outer Banks Anglers Club, the Avalon Pier, the Nags Head Pier, Jeanette’s Pier and the Outer Banks Pier. It is open to all youths between the ages 4 to 16. Awards banquet is at 1:00 in Kelly parking lot, with hot dogs, chips and drinks. The cost is zero and the participants receive T shirts, door prizes and awards for largest fish of each category and overall largest of the tournament. The 2016 tournament will be June 15, mark your calendars.


What a beautiful day on the pier. There was a constant breeze and the temperature in the low 80’s. The totals for the entire tournament have not been announced, but for the Avalon Pier there were 35 total 4-9 year olds and 45 total 10-16 year olds. The Avalon Pier had quite a few overall winners. Congratulations to all, everyone had a great time.


Thanks to all that volunteered their time to help: NCBBA members Laura Etheridge #11003, Ami Smith #15137, Lori Bowen #15201, Clinton Dekker, LM #11644, Larry Harmon LM #9054, Dave Mowers #11935, Pete East #2928, John Newbold LM #14, Donna Voshell #11374 and Mary Lou Leonard #14725 and the Sea Hags, Sandy Cizek, with husband Fritz, Ashley Barnes, Shannon Graf, Dana Blanton and again Donna and Mary Lou, Sea Hags and NCBBA members.


Newspaper articles with be upcoming in the Coastland Times, and other pictures will be available on Nags Head Surf Fishing Club website.

Carol Mowers




2015 Fritz Boyden Memorial Youth Fishing Tournament results:

4 to 9 age group:


Conner Sonnenberg     M.     Jennette's Pier.      Blue Fish     16 in

Caleb Thomas              M.     Avalon Pier             Trout            14 1/2 in

Logan Futch                 M.     Outer Banks Pier    Flounder      15 7/8 in

Jordan Jones               M      Jennette's Pier        Sea Mullet   14 in

Noah Cutrona              M      Avalon Pier              Croaker        11 in

Tyler Winslow               M     Jennette's Pier         Spot              10 in

Kaia Rothrock              F      Jennette's Pier         Trigger Fish   12 in

Noah Cutrona              M     Avalon Pier               Pig Fish           9 in


Largest Fish Female:

Kaia Rothrock        Jennette's Pier       Trigger Fish      12 in


Largest Fish Male:

Conner Sonnenberg       Jennette's Pier     Blue Fish    16 in


 10 to 16 age group:


Cole Ruppe                 M            Jennette's Pier         Drum            8 1/2 in

Owen McCall               M             Avalon Pier              Spanish      16 1/4 in

Dylan White                 M             Nags Head Pier       Blue Fish     16 1/4 in

Kameron Grissom       M            Avalon Pier              Trout              12 1/2 in

Grant Hasty                 M            Avalon Pier              Flounder        12 in

Dalton Epps                M            Avalon Pier              Sea Mullet      11 3/4 in

James Stoup               M            Avalon Pier              Croaker           9 1/2 in

Conner Costello          M             Jennette's  Pier       Spot                9 in

Beau Smith                 M             Avalon Pier              Trigger Fish     8 1/4 in

Caleb Todd                 M             Jennette's Pier        Pig Fish           9 1/2 in

Zach Eason                M             Avalon Pier              Pig Fish           9 1/2 in


 Largest Fish Female:

Alan O'Brien             Avalon Pier               Sea Mullet    11 in


 Largest Fish Male:

Owen McCall            Avalon Pier               Spanish     16 1/4 in

Dylan White              Nags Head Pier        Blue Fish    16 1/4 in


Largest Game Fish Overall in the tournament :

Owen McCall          Avalon Pier               Spanish     16 1/4 in

Dylan White            Nags Head Pier        Blue Fish    16 1/4 in


 In the 4 to 9 age group we had 117 anglers and in the 10 to 16 age group we had 165 anglers which gave us a total of 282 anglers for the tournament . The anglers came from 13 different states to fish this tournament .

I would like to thank all of our sponsors : NHSFC, NCBBA, N C Sea Hags, Outer Banks Anglers Club and Sysco Foods. I would like to give a special thank you to Mike Kelly of Kelly's Restaurant for letting us have our Award's Ceremony at his Restaurant . And most of all to all of the many volunteers that make this tournament such a huge SUCESS !!!!!


Tony Garrett,

Tournament Director




4-9 year old awards
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10-16 year old awards
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carol registration begins
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dana donna and dave getting t shirts ready
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dave dana and john helping out
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dave mowers and dana blanton
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john at work
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lori larry and clinton getting it straight
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not in tournament but holy king mackeral 28 pounds
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tournament director tony garrett up front
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