Operation Beach Respect (OBR), Adopt-A-Highway (AAH), & Lunch
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This is an OBR/AAH joint event that takes place simultaneously, followed by a picnic!

The OBR meeting location is TBD, and the premises of OBR is to "Keep it Clean - Join The Team" where we man all the ramps and hand out a package to include a trash bag and ask the users to police around where they set up.  Any trash is left at the entrance and NPS comes along later and collects it.  All our volunteers do is hangout at the ramp and give those vehicles entering the beach their package.  The NCBBA has been doing this for over 35 years or longer.  Its one of our signature events.

For AAH, volunteers we meet at 7:30am at Oregon Inlet Ramp 4 in the new parking area. Trash is picked up along Rte 12 from the Marc Basnight Bridge to 1/2 mile North of Coquina Beach (or Ramp 2). A total of three miles, both sides of the road would make 6 miles. Trash is put in bags and left on the roadside, and the Park Service picks up the bags. Carol Mowers is the POC for this activity and is the organizer for this event.