Shopping: Purchase Multiple Dues or Memberships?

If you've tried to purchase multiple memberships, your cart won't add the item. This is not a glitch, but an important part of the membership process. If you are logged in as "Jane Doe" and you purchase dues, our cart will only allow you to purchase dues once for two reasons.


  1. We can process dues for two years after you receive your renewal.
  2. We cannot process dues for two different people using one account.


If you wish to pay dues for yourself and another person, spouse, etc., simply login to the site and pay your dues once using your credit card or paypal. Once your order is done, have the other person login and pay their dues. You CAN use the same credit card for multiple dues, but can't do it in the same transaction. This is a standard feature of any membership-based site and helps us avoid accounting errors. In short, it helps us make sure we credit the right account for the dues or membership.



If you have a question about your dues or membership, you can email