HI Access Update from Mark Seaman, Acting District Ranger


It’s been a few months since my last HI Update and I apologize.  As many of you know we have been busy with lots of beneficial changes to the ORV program and I will list them below in sort of a cheat sheet for your records.

I would like to thank all of you for working with me during my term as Hatteras Island District Ranger it has been a great experience and successful journey.  With that said I would like to inform y’all that I’m passing the reins to our new permanent District Ranger Karol Jones from Glen Canyon on Sunday February 26th.  I can guarantee you she will keep up with the communications and strive to be a productive member of the team.  I'm looking forward to returning to field staff duties and being on the beach.

Final Rule Changes:

Morning opening times for ORV use for some popular ramps will be open up to one hour earlier (as early as 6 am)

Seasonal routes in front of villages will be open for another two weeks in fall and spring.  Open from Oct. 15th – April 14th.

Ramps 59 and 2 will be reopened.

1.5 miles south of ramp 23 and a mile north ramp 34 have been included in the seasonal routes

Permits – The weekly has become a10 day and the calendar year is now good for a year from date of purchase.

Bitterswash Creek and Devil Shoals road will have parking and access accessible to everyone, even without an ORV permit

The bypass road at cape point was extended up to 44 and south until the dunes disappear.

Old ramp 45 will become a primitive park road (South Beach Road) with a small designated parking area for easier access to the south beach. 

Hatteras Point Erosion:

The very tip of Hatteras Point is eroding rapidly and we cannot keep signs in place to limit impact in the “Vehicle Free Area” please review the areas down there that are off limits to ORVs and help reduce the erosion.  Also be careful you don’t drive off the end of Pole Rd into the ocean, its changing daily.

Buxton Beach Nourishment:

Buxton has been awarded a multi-million dollar nourishment project to help alleviate the flooding of north Buxton NC HWY 12.  It is set to kick off in May 2017 and be completed no later than Dec.2017.  The length of the project is 15,500ft or 2.9 miles using 2.6 million cubic yards of sand from an off-shore barrow site.  Equipment will start staging in the near future.

Fun Facts:

-The average fill density is estimated 168cy/ft.

-Borrow area is 1.8 miles off shore

-The mean grain size of the sand in Buxton is 0.477mm and the borrow site is 0.465mm

-60% of the fill will be deposited within the limits of Buxton

Raising of Ramps 49 & 44:

Ramp 49 is completed and looks great this should really help if we get lots of rain again. 

Ramp 44 is approximately 75% done and we are still waiting on 800 CY of fill.

NC Highway 12 detour

The culvert near the Scotch Bonnet on highway 12 is set to be replaced on a tentative date of Sunday March 12th, the construction is estimated to take 12 hours and traffic flow on 12 should be restored for Monday morning.  During this time a detour route for 4X4 vehicles only will be opened down Inside Rd using entrance points Ramp 44 and Ramp 49.  Use of this detour only does not require the ORV permit.

Take Care 

               Mark Seaman

                       U.S. Park Ranger

                                            Acting District Range